Fightclub ‘Best Newcomer Agency Of The Year’.  

F*ck yes. We know we shouldn’t swear, but we swear: otherworldly proud. ​ 

Fightclub got titled ‘Best Newcomer Agency’ of the year. Awarding the most excellent in the creative industry by Media Marketing and Pitchpoint by a jury of 20+ of the top marcom profiles in Belgium. ​ 

In just 2 years, we went from Small to 12 creative souls being added to our performance core of 30+ experts, and we’re digging it. No one size fits all, but a unique approach that pays off. A daily quest against the mundane. A play towards perfection. The combination of performance + creation. People giving life to numbers, and bringing creation to life. ​ 

A solid high five and a very wet kiss on the cheeks to the jury, a big hug to our clients and partners and most of all: cheers, to the team. No-nomination if we didn't see things bigger as they were supposed to. Laughed harder than we expected to. Team-worked stronger than we were meant to. Who knows one day, we’ll be sharing the same thrilling news with the word ‘newcomer’ being scratched. 

For us, a confirmation. For you, an invitation.

Let’s raise the bar. Let’s go big, go home, and go big again. 




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À propos de Fightclub Belgium

We're a blend of creativity and real results. Clever and down-to-earth. Style and substance. 

We appreciate practical strategy, and mix it with talented creators to craft everything from ads to in-depth content, digital services or tangible products. We're here for daring brands. 

Fightclub Belgium is part of Customer Collective.