Fightclub creates a picture-perfect rebrand for Mediagenix

The global software company that ensures the smooth processing of media content on all continents is 100% future-ready thanks to a complete rebranding.

To highlight this global pioneering role even better and to make the company future-proof, Mediagenix asked Fightclub Belgium for a complete rebranding.

Today, we are overwhelmed by digital images. Just like the real world, these are not always perfect. Sometimes we see glitches in images. This was the starting point of the new visual style designed by Fightclub: the glitch refers to the product that is only visible ‘behind the screen’. The colour palette, with bright primary colours, also refers to the world of digital. The secondary colours are softer and symbolise the human aspect. Content is eminently digital, yet the company is made by 350 employees in Europe, Asia and America.

Besides a new logo, in which the M is built with three pillars representing the core activities ‘strategize, manage and engage’, the tone of voice and photography were also defined. Layouts work modularly, allowing the visual style to continue to evolve and adapt to future needs.

With this rebranding, Mediagenix also becomes a visionary, future-oriented software company in terms of communication, ready for further expansion. The new style was launched on the 28th of May.



Client: Mediagenix
​Client contact: Geert Van Droogenbroeck, Shamini Shah
​Agency: Fightclub
​MD Fightclub: Dennis Kenis
Head of Creative Services: Kim Devos
​Account Manager: Vanessa Janssens, Vincent Vandam
Account Executive: Margot Janssens
Creative Director: Stijn Pauwels
​Creatives (art): Lode Vochten, Bram Van Moorhem, Mona Lisa-Venlet
​Design/art direction: Mona Lisa-Venlet
Motion: Elien De Geetere, Samuel Allemand

About Mediagenix

Mediagenix is a Belgian brand that may not immediately ring a bell with the general public, but behind the scenes it has grown (literally even) into a global player. Their management software for media companies ranks among the world's best: Mediagenix products manage content from more than 200 TV and media companies across the planet.

About Fightclub

A fascinating combination of creativity and measurable success, that's Fightclub. Smart and witty, clever and wise. Humour and depth, and everything in between. As an agency, that makes us truly unique. We combine strategic thinking with top creative talent to put our shoulders to the wheel on digital ads, witty content and punishing campaigns, which have the power to make everything stop for a moment. Fightclub, for brands that want to be brave and challenging. Discover us at

About Customer Collective

Customer Collective is an ecosystem made up of several entities. The marketing group supports companies to achieve rapid growth through a driven focus on their customers. The group concentrates on five pillars that are also prerequisites for successful commercial transformation: customer strategy, branding & performance, digital acceleration, data and technology. Since 2021, Customer Collective has been joining forces with The House of Marketing, Dignify, Upthrust, Fightclub, Sales X and addData for this purpose. Unlike other ecosystems in the European market, the companies work closely together: profiles with complementary expertise and skills are selected for each project to generate as much impact as possible. Customer Collective is backed by Down2Earth Capital and Quanteus Group. The group has more than 400 employees in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. More info at




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About Fightclub Belgium

We are the fascinating combination of creativity and measurable success. Smart and witty. Looks and brains. Humor and depth. And all in between.

As an agency that makes us quite unique.

We combine strategic thinking with skilled creative makers to craft everything from campaigns to content to digital services or physical products.

We are here for brands that want to be brave and challenging.

Fightclub Belgium is part of Customer Collective. 


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