itson leaves ‘an other kind of footprint’ with Fightclub.

No nonsense, no pretence. A daily, green battery: it doesn’t exist yet. One developed with a heart for the planet on the other hand, does - thanks to the game-changing battery brand itson. After winning the international pitch, Fightclub set out the strategic framework. The much younger, urban target audience is averse to fluffy talk and chooses consciously and continuously for brands that choose in their core: for a sustainable vision that sees and reaches further than just tomorrow. Because solely this way, you’ll leave the least polluting footprint yourself.

‘An other kind of footprint’ builds on this aspiration and broadens its – up until now mostly negative or heavy - societal meaning. The campaign inspires with the positive imprints one can leave onto this world. Or better: the proof you can leave something or someone better than how you met them.

A complete digital funnel, supporting on an emotional peer-to-peer layer. This came to the fore in the branded campaign videos and approached the target audience in a thoughtful way. A second phase was characterized by sustainable as well as functional key benefits - translated into consideration and conversion ads - that pit the brand against its competitors. Fightclub and itson launched ‘An other kind of footprint’ in Germany, France, the UK, and Poland.


Client: itson
​Client contact: Silvia Scheers, Izabela Blaszczyk-Janicka & Maciej Kwiatkowski

​Agency: Fightclub
​MD Fightclub: Dennis Kenis
Head of Creative Services: Kim Devos
​Account Manager: Gwen Reynaert, Joanne Cols
Account Executive: Jacob Reheul
Creative Director: Stijn Pauwels
​Design/art Direction: Noortje Lenaerts, Samuel Allemand
Creative Concept & Copywriter: Carmen Van Buggenhout
Social Consultant: Basel Alakkad
SEA Consultant: Randy De Klerck, Tobias Versmissen

Producers (Hamlet): Pim Verhaert, Basile van der Straten & Mathias Kerner
Director: Horace Martins

About Advanced Power Solutions (APS)

Advanced Power Solutions is a producer of high-quality batteries. Their mission is to provide easy, safe, and sustainable mobile energy solutions, creating a powerhouse of brands that enhance consumers' daily lives, with a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly production. APS has powerful battery brands under its wings: Panasonic, eneloop, Blaupunkt, and itson, each with its own focus and diverse product range. ​

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About Customer Collective

Customer Collective is an ecosystem made up of several entities. The marketing group supports companies to achieve rapid growth through a driven focus on their customers. The group concentrates on five pillars that are also prerequisites for successful commercial transformation: customer strategy, branding & performance, digital acceleration, data and technology. Since 2021, Customer Collective has been joining forces with The House of Marketing, Dignify, Upthrust, Fightclub, Sales X and addData for this purpose. Unlike other ecosystems in the European market, the companies work closely together: profiles with complementary expertise and skills are selected for each project to generate as much impact as possible. Customer Collective is backed by Down2Earth Capital and Quanteus Group. The group has more than 400 employees in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. More info at

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We are the fascinating combination of creativity and measurable success. Smart and witty. Looks and brains. Humor and depth. And all in between.

As an agency that makes us quite unique.

We combine strategic thinking with skilled creative makers to craft everything from campaigns to content to digital services or physical products.

We are here for brands that want to be brave and challenging.

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