Luikse Siroop: a campaign made to stick!

Luikse Siroop, you’ve probably heard of it and if everything goes well, you also probably love it. World-Belgian famous and typically known for being a delicious spread on bread. That’s where opportunity kicked in. How to increase sales and move the iconic pot from the forgotten back of the shelves to the front? How can we trigger the need for this authentic sirup and create growth for a long-existing brand?

The temptation for brands in this position is real. Why not put all your budget into media spending and create a sudden, though short-term spike in awareness. Indeed, because building on a brand longer-term will generate a more sustainable impact. Since a significant time had passed since Luikse Siroop changed anything about its branding or launched a big campaign, it needed to come back with a big splash. Do it big, do it right.

The iconic packaging was the first thing we tackled: a modern refreshment of the colors and fonts while maintaining the love for the (79 year old) original design. With the aim to increase and uplift annual consumption and most of all moments of usage, the phrase “voor op de boterham” was history on the pot and future in the campaign. Because instead of throwing this always-linked phrase away, we used it as a strength: voor op de boterham. The crossing itself sums up the concept: use Luikse Siroop for everything and so much more, instead of just on your bread. The killer objectives while doing so? Rejuvenate the brand, educate on the consumption moments, dominate in the segment and (….) with 2 KPI’s being increase market penetration and uplift annual consumption.

The relaunch kick-started with a digital awareness campaign where the main video was auditory inspired on pop music and co-created with De Machine. A catchy and most of all sticky clip was the result, inspiring with more than 15 ways on how to enjoy Luikse Siroop. The track – in collaboration with Poum Tchak – turned into a campaign hit. In the digital assets, “Swirl it, lick it, heat it, flip it, ...” were bright and bold combined with a creative, visual and most of all renewed style.

Why this campaign scored so well? Every message and visual was amended and applied in the right way for the right audience. Spot-on 6 second pre-rolls on YouTube or funky 15 seconds on TikTok accompanied by the complete 22 second campaign video, all showing the product in the first 3 seconds of the spot. On Youtube, people watched the videos for more than 33 million seconds where more than 50% watched them until the end. The campaign overall got more than 20 million impressions in total, 35.000 people clicked through to the landing page, it got more than 5000 likes on social media and more than 500 comments were placed. Did the suggestive ‘Luikse Siroop on fries’ had something to do with that?

By creating the best media mix possible, Luikse Siroop came back in with a splash. The brand made people fall in love with the product, again. And that’s, what it’s all about.


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About Fightclub Belgium

We are the fascinating combination of creativity and measurable success. Smart and witty. Looks and brains. Humor and depth. And all in between.

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