Fightclub ‘Best Newcomer Agency Of The Year’.  

F*ck yes. We know we shouldn’t swear, but we swear: otherworldly proud. ​ 

Fightclub got titled ‘Best Newcomer Agency’ of the year. Awarding the most excellent in the creative industry by Media Marketing and Pitchpoint by a jury of 20+ of the top marcom profiles in Belgium. ​ 

In just 2 years, we went from Small to 12 creative souls being added to our performance core of 30+ experts, and we’re digging it. No one size fits all, but a unique approach that pays off. A daily quest against the mundane. A play towards perfection. The combination of performance + creation. People giving life to numbers, and bringing creation to life. ​ 

A solid high five and a very wet kiss on the cheeks to the jury, a big hug to our clients and partners and most of all: cheers, to the team. No-nomination if we didn't see things bigger as they were supposed to. Laughed harder than we expected to. Team-worked stronger than we were meant to. Who knows one day, we’ll be sharing the same thrilling news with the word ‘newcomer’ being scratched. 

For us, a confirmation. For you, an invitation.

Let’s raise the bar. Let’s go big, go home, and go big again. 




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About Fightclub Belgium

We are the fascinating combination of creativity and measurable success. Smart and witty. Looks and brains. Humor and depth. And all in between.

As an agency that makes us quite unique.

We combine strategic thinking with skilled creative makers to craft everything from campaigns to content to digital services or physical products.

We are here for brands that want to be brave and challenging.

Fightclub Belgium is part of Customer Collective. 


Hendrik Consciencestraat 1B 2800 Mechelen

03 303 05 50